Minecraft party fun

As I mentioned a few months ago, when A said he wanted a Minecraft party I was super grateful that I had just read this Momfessionals blog post. Almost all of my party ideas were from that post, with just a few extra ideas of my own (cardboard torches, cardboard box of TNT, creep around back poster, and scrapbook paper faces). The biggest hits from the party were the bouncy house we borrowed from a good friend and the Steve and Creeper faces (worth every penny!).

Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7I did not have good luck with the Minecraft hangers from Amazon (they had a set featured with ten and I ended up getting only one and had to call Amazon to get a refund), so we went with a little set of Minion crayons (because they were Minecrafty colors), a Minecraft cookie, and blue diamonds (which were a big hit). Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And of course we had to include our sassy Creeper planter:

Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And the boys got a big kick out of the pink balloons with the pin the tail on the pig:

Minecraft A7 And like typical boys they ate the food as fast as we could bring it out (which was good because it was super windy and the food was flying away!!):

Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And then they were back to playing and running:

Minecraft A7Minecraft A7Minecraft A7 Minecraft A7And they took a second break to open presents (again as fast as possible):

Minecraft A7And then it was back to playing:

Minecraft A7All in all the kids had such a great time! I’ve learned that boys move through activities much quicker than you’d ever expect (like five minutes or less per game), and so it was great to have the soccer goal and the bouncy house for just some fun play.

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