Memorial Day and Low Country Boil

We decided to have a get together out our house with the family for Memorial Day. We made Paula Deen’s Low Country Boil, which was yummy and A LOT of food. The version I linked to has a more reasonable amount I believe. My sister made her yummy corn dip (you have to post that recipe, sis, I can’t remember where you got it from!), and we had ice cream bars for dessert. However, the boys glazed over all of this (except the ice cream bars and chips) because they got to have pizza. And play in the kiddie pool!

Little J with the bubble container I mentioned in another post.

Handy M and a foam water squirter. Have you seen these? My sister told me about them, you can get them at Wal-Mart, Target, etc. and they are like half of those foam noodles and you can squirt water with them.

Super A having a very two year old moment.

I can remember so many pictures like these of the adults from when I was growing up!

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