McWane Science Center Trip

This past weekend A and B headed for a cub scout camp-out, except instead of camping out they (and A’s pack…and apparently several other packs in our area) had a sleep over at the McWane Science Center in Birmingham. They had a great time and A couldn’t wait to share all of the pictures when he got home! Here are some of A’s favorite moments:

Reading about fossilized creatures of Alabama:

Working through a lighted maze with his cousin Building a house and car with huge building blocks:Sitting in the car he built:  Creating enormous bubbles: Sitting in a model airplane: Dancing on an interactive lighted floor (with music): Playing a string-less harp: Making creations with a giant push peg board:  Walking “Big” style on a lighted keyboard:Making pictures with a enormous light-bright:  And finally keeping a ball afloat with air tubes: 

A and B had a great time!

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