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I have spent quite a bit of time trying to take better pictures of our little cupcake. My goal is to be able to take a few pictures and have them turn out well, rather than taking many pictures and have them not turn out all. I got inspired from some lessons on Erin Cobb’s photography blog. She has started weekly posts called Mama with a Camera that have some great tips for taking better pictures. So here are the fruits of my learning so far!

Week 1: Fill the Frame

I could think nothing better than the sweet little chubby cheeks and wispy dirty blond hair of our son…so that’s what I focused on in this first picture.

I was pleased with the picture, except the shadows. It’s hard for me to find a time to take a picture that’s not at high sun.

Week 2: Show the Scene

For the second picture I focused on what we were outside listening for…airplanes. One of our little cupcake’s favorite things to do is listen for airplanes outside. He stretches up towards the sky and runs through our backyard trying to follow the noise of the airplane. His goal is to catch just a glimpse of the plane as it streams across the blue sky and peeks out among the white clouds. I panned way out with my camera and put everything in focus to capture the scene (and him).

This one I couldn’t be more pleased with. The colors were absolutely gorgeous and I love how you can see the clouds so clearly as well as his little swim rash guard and shorts.

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