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For this week’s lesson Erin Cobb discussed the idea of thinking off center. Which uses the idea of the Golden Mean from the land of geometry. I think I made a C in geometry and that was only by the grace of the teacher. I remember writing “vertical angles are congruent” on every proof on every test. Because they are. And because that was the only answer I knew was correct.

The idea was to make the shot off center, which I understood. However then Erin went on to discuss the intersecting lines and I could feel it. That feeling I always see in my students’ eyes as they start to glaze over and they begin to stare off out the window. So I had to tell myself to focus! I can learn this!

As most of our pictures are taken in our backyard today was no exception. The term “he just needs to run” is of common use in our family. For our specific little cupcake, he just needs to play with the hose, check the garden, and dig in the dirt. And try to eat the dirt occasionally. Gross. Anyway I am getting off topic. So here is my practice session with taking pictures off center. Go back and see Erin Cobb’s blog to see if I intersected my lines correctly!

I particularly love this one, as you can see the expression on his face says “why isn’t this working?”

And this one I will frame!

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  1. OH MY GOSH…PERFECT! Both of them, seriously. I love the way the hose traverses the first image and balances the perfect position of his eyes and the faucet AND his chubby little grip. Perfectly placed…great job!

    And those eyelashes? DEFINITELY frame-worthy. Nice bokeh too. Beautifulness all around!

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