Mama with a Camera

This week’s lesson from Erin Cobb’s tutorial was all about taking the faceless shot. She also gave some terrific tips on how to get your child to actually look at the camera. The post made the sounds ring in the ears of every birthday party and holiday we have had the last four years “look this way…look at me…no look at me…cue finger snapping (my sister is nodding her head right now!). I tried several of Erin’s strategies and found that the one that worked for us was telling him not to look at the camera. And after telling him to go find something else to do and not look at the camera I inevitably ended up with this shot:

I still can’t quite get a smile, but it only took me two photos to get this picture…that’s progress!

After this I moved on to attempting a faceless shot, which by the way, I found much more difficult than I had originally planned on. I couldn’t figure out quite what to take a picture of if I wasn’t running around trying to get a picture of our little cupcake’s face!

So I tried some fancy shots of odd objects….

But wasn’t really pleased with the results.

I then started flipping through photos in my folders (can you flip through photos in folders…I suppose click through is a better term) to see if I had taken any shots like this in the past. I was pleased to find two that completed the idea of the lesson.

This one….

I know what he is about to do in this photo, however, if you don’t have the back story you can make up your own.

And this one…

A rare calm moment at Granna and Papa’s…or not. You can decide!

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