Make-up favorites, part II

Splurge Worthy Make-Up

I have loved make-up pretty much as long as I can remember. When I was growing up my favorite thing about Halloween was getting to wear make-up. I can still remember in 6th grade trying to convince my Mom of make-up items I needed. When I was in college, one of the things I always splurged on was make-up. From Dior shadows to NARS palette’s I had couldn’t resist new trendy sets. Having two boys and, you know, life responsibilities I can’t splurge the way I used to, however, there are some products that I am committed to and keep on hand. These are my top nine!

1. NARS Duo-Eyeshadow in Belissima. I first purchased this duo back in 2005 at a NARS counter in Baton Rouge, LA at a conference. Seriously. These are the things I remember. This is my absolute favorite eyeshadow, the only one that I run out of every year and have to buy more. I use it not only as a shadow, but it perfectly matches my eyebrows and I use it as a quick eyebrow filler as well.

2.Benefit Stay Flawless Primer. This stuff is magical. With my work schedule during the fall and spring, my make-up has to stay from the time I put it on at 6:30 in the morning until 7 at night. Even with our extreme humidity here in the south, this stuff works. Great. Also, something I use all of it and have to buy more every six-seven months.

3. NARS Blush in Deepthroat. I love NARS products (as if you didn’t know) because they don’t have a fragrance, and they stay on really well. This color is a lesser known sister their most popular blush, but I like it better on my fair skin. Don’t get me wrong this stuff is not cheap (30 bucks a pop!), but it’s worth it. It will last you at least a year.

4. Tarte Cheek Stain in Tipsy. This was a splurge that I had been looking at for a long time, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it. The color looks extreme in the container, but trust me it is not. I use this tutorial as my guide for applying it and it works well. *Tip: I always wait at least five to ten minutes after I have put on primer and foundation before applying it or it gets sticky.

5. Clinique Color Surge Butter Lipstick in Baby, Baby and Delovely. I’m not a lipstick girl. I have the worst time remembering to ever wear it and frankly, it annoys me. Mainly because my lips get super chapped throughout the day and then the lipstick I’m wearing looks terrible and there is no way I could apply more over it. However, this lipstick has changed that and I actually remember to put it on.

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel in clear. I read once that if you at least run a bit of brow gel through your eyebrows you’ll look more polished even if you aren’t wearing any other make-up. I have held to that idea and this brow gel is my favorite. It’s not sticky and it doesn’t get flaky.

7.Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in fair/light. So, I remember I first bought this when I was at a conference with my Mom in Chicago…in which I am now realizing that I bought a lot of make-up with my Mom at conferences during graduate school. HA! Anyway, it’s my favorite. I don’t think you could convince me that there is a better concealer out there. It’s part of the reason that cheap foundation works for me. With this concealer you don’t need a heavy foundation, or much else. It matches flawlessly.

8. Sugar Lip Polish. My favorite for winter, and anytime of year when my lips get over chapped. You only need a little bit, this stuff lasts FOREVER.

9. Kiehl’s Lip Balm. My favorite department store cheapie, I think I have about four of these right now. I keep them in my purse, night table drawer, make-up drawer, J’s diaper bag. Again, this is a product you are going to have a hard time convincing me there is better.

As for prices these run a range from 7-36.00 per product. They aren’t cheap which is why I have really held on to the ones that last, and live up to the promises they make. For me they have!

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