Low key Halloween

So this is how we started out our Halloween:

HalloweenWhile we had great plans for a Halloween get together, but J woke up with a head cold and my nephew was quite sick as well, so we ended up just hanging out at home.

A took it upon himself to carve (with my help of course) his perfect pumpkin that he had gotten on his field trip to the pumpkin patch:

Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015And while he was de-seeding his pumpkin I made popcorn balls for a snack:

Popcorn BallsAnd even though it was raining, J perked up and was desperate to go trick or treating. We braved the rain long enough to trick or treat at our immediate neighbors’ houses (who I’m pretty sure gave the boys extra candy knowing we weren’t headed elsewhere).

Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015Our spider & Stormshadow.

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