Local Eats: Taco Mama

Lunch with BCan I say my three weeks off before the boys are done for the summer are some of my favorite of the year? Part of my job that I love is the thought behind creating all of the lessons, the examples, different ways that students can learn more completely. I get to spend time working on that, but also checking off my spring cleaning list that I make throughout the year (clean out behind the fridge! get rid of our yuck carpet!, plant flowers with the boys!). In addition, meeting B for lunch uninterrupted is my favorite. Being able to sit, eat our lunch, and talk without a constant “Hey Mommy!” is really nice.

So this past week, we got some estimates on hardwood flooring and then headed to Taco Mama for lunch.

Their grilled fish tacos are my favorite:

Taco MamaAs are their Mercedes Margarita:

Taco MamaAnd their kitschy and fun decor always gives you something to look at:

Taco Mama

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