Living room inspiration

I realized when I went to do this post that this was the best picture of the living room I had and it’s so old!

Most of the pictures I have are facing this way:

Our kitchen, living room, and breakfast area are all one flowing space, which is exactly what we wanted, but we’ve spent quite a bit of time figuring out how we are going to fit what we have in the space. For the time being we are keeping our current couch and chairs, and making just a few updates:

I already have curtains that I love and kept from our old house, and so I’m just purchasing rods for those. This throw is going over the back of the couch (an idea I got from here), that will update it and pull in all the colors in the room. Our specific living space area is slightly smaller than our other house and so our rug from there would’ve been too big. I had originally picked this Well Woven one for J’s room, but he picked constellation stars instead, so I’m going to use it in the living room. A square ottoman to give extra seating and leg space because our current ottoman will go upstairs. And finally a couple of throw pillow covers to update some of our ones that have gotten a bit worn.

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