Linen Closet Purge

I realized the boys’ linen closet had gotten a little out of control:

So the other afternoon I dumped everything out of the closet:

Among other things, we had over fifteen pillowcases, several sets of double sheets (and we don’t have a double bed anymore), many MANY old beach towels, random plastic wipe holders, soap dispensers, and lots of old medicine.

I sorted through everything and made stacks of attic, toss it, and donate it.

I read a great article on how to tackle quick closet cleaning and thoughtfully donating items that you can find here.

Also, if you are planning to get rid of old medicine, make sure you dispose of it properly (flushing it down the toilet or tossing it in the trash is not it). Most cities have information on their government page on times and places you can get rid of old medicines. For example, our city’s police force does a drive where you can drop off old medicines that they will then dispose of, so they won’t get into the hands of children or trickle into a water supply.

In addition, the boys’ linen closet has to double as a tornado shelter (it’s the most interior room of the house), another reason why I wanted to clear the closet out. Usually if we have a tornado warning I am throwing everything out of the closet, which is not really a good approach to using it intelligently. I also took the opportunity to buy a few things that I realized I needed for the boys. Mainly new towels for each of them, infant washcloths, face washcloths for A, and new sheets for A.

I also re-organized their medicine and put it safely out of reach of A since he can now access that closet on his own. So here is the completed closet:

As you can see I kept it pretty bare. The boys have towel racks in the bathroom for their everyday towels. Also, the bottom rack of the linen closet pops up and out, so if we do have a tornado warning I can quickly pop up the rack, remove the hampers and it will fit one adult and two children safely.

I was pleased with the result! I eventually would like to purchase new hampers for the base area, but these are quite beneficial as A understands which one is for his clothes and one is for towels.

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