Lights and Santa

This is really the first year that A is really excited about Christmas. He was excited last year, but this year the anticipation of the holiday for him has been really fun. Although we are still a few days from Thanksgiving we took A to our local botanical gardens to go on a walking tour of their lights and to see Santa Claus. After Thanksgiving you can only do driving tours through the gardens and we decided this year it would be fun for A to be able to walk through and see the lights up close.

Walking the path. The walk was a bit longer than we anticipated (and bumpy), but it was worth it for A to be able to see the lights up close.

Surprisingly A was most excited to get to see Santa. I say that because the year A was one he screamed and cried when we saw Santa. The year A was two A sat in Santa’s lap but was overall apathetic about it. However, this year A’s first question when we got to the gardens was “where’s Santa?” He sat in Santa’s lap shyly, told him he wanted cake for Christmas, and just about melted with happiness when he received a candy cane from Santa.

Pure joy. I am so glad my husband caught this expression.

Happy Pre-Christmas Festivities!

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