Library love

Library loveOne of the branches of our local library is still one of my favorite places to visit. It’s a bit smaller than our main library, however, it’s going to get much bigger in the next few years. It’s where the boys have gone to story time, learned the love of checking out and returning books, and always know their favorite librarian will be there to check in on what’s new with them. On one particular visit, I was discussing with our librarian how A is looking for some new series of books to read. She of course had a few ideas….

The first series she pointed us to was “According to Humphrey”,

World According to HumphreyA immediately fell in love with this series. He giggles through every book and read the two books he checked out within four days.

The second series she suggested was “The Genius Files”:

This is a series about two kid sleuths who solve mysteries and have different adventures. Think of it like an older A to Z mysteries.

And finally The Imagination Station series:

Imagination StationThese are on the same level as Magic Treehouse Books and are VERY similar to the Magic Treehouse Books, but with a religious spin (they are created by Focus on the Family).

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