Lemon bars

Lemon Bars

On the spectrum of non-chocolate desserts that I love lemon bars rate very high. They are up there with my two other favorites: key lime pie and petit fours. However, also in line with key lime pie and petit fours they can be a bit tricky to make.

I jumped into the recipe on Sunday planning to make the lemon bars for dessert. The trick with lemon bars is to make sure you cook them for just the right amount of time (not too long and not too short). You cook them too long and they become dense. You cook them too short and the filling doesn’t bake and runs out when you cut them (as I found out on Sunday).

I attempted the recipe again on Monday and this time they came out perfect. I think what I learned was to not let the crust cool too much before you put the filling on and bake it again. It also should be a bit golden on top.

What I really loved about these bars is that the crust is that crumbly perfect ratio to the amount of filling. I used regular lemons (because that is what they had at the store), and the tartness was just perfect. They also taste very light and airy, not overly dense or sweet. Jump on over to alpineberry and try them for yourself! Unless you are my Mom or sister…then you are getting some in a tupperware. 🙂

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