Lemon Bars

You can’t find Meyer lemons around here. Trust me, I’ve looked. And especially fresh right off the tree, Meyer lemons. Until now…

Meyer LemonsWhen our sweet neighbors delivered some to our door, it was like Christmas all over again! Seriously! I was so unbelievably excited and immediately set out a plan for using them before B could get a hold of them for his tea. Because you cannot waste Meyer lemons in simple tea.

I went back and forth between cookies and bars and decided to go with a truly simple and classic recipe that would let them shine.

A bit of mixing, baking, and sitting later…

lemon barsAnd they were ready for their close-up! I dusted them with powdered sugar and then cut a few squares to snap pictures before we ate them all.

lemon barsAfter several days of being iced in, these were such a refreshing break from hot chocolates and spiced ciders (not that there is anything wrong with those 🙂 ). I sent a handwritten thank you note to our neighbors, because a doorstep delivery of lemons deserves a handwritten note….

lemon barsAnd hopefully they’ll feel free to deliver extras anytime they want. 🙂

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