Lego sculptures

On Tuesday the boys were spinning their wheels, I was out of activity ideas, and I decided that we needed an excursion before it got too hot to be outside. I threw together snacks, a thermos of water, and my camera in a backpack and we headed to go see the Lego sculptures at our local Botanical Gardens.

Lego Sculptures Lego Sculpture While we may have gotten turned around a bit without our expert navigator to help us (that would be B), the boys had a great time and we used up all our energy for the morning!Lego Sculptures Lego SculptureHere are the boys favorite sculptures from the day (a BUNNY!):

Lego SculpturesJames’ favorite was of course, the bunny, A loved the butterfly, and my favorite was the bison and calf in the middle of the wildflowers. A loved that each sculpture had a written description with it and the number of Legos it took to build it. He is currently at work putting together some re-creations of the things he saw. Morning mission accomplished! Now to find something to do after nap time…

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