Laundry room inspiration

I love cabinets. And one of my major issues in our old house was lack of cabinets. I spent years trying to organize our laundry/mud room space of our old house and now in a few short weeks (hopefully) I will have both!

We added in top and bottom cabinets with a sink and then a hanging rack over the washer and dryer was included:

And the cabinets in the mud room area will hold backpacks (there are hooks included that aren’t in yet), and other grab and go items for school, band, and sports:

And here’s the close-up of the sink, a necessary inclusion for pre-treating stains on clothes:

There isn’t really a lot to add to all this fabulous storage space, so I’ve just got a few little items on my list:


The lost socks sign I picked up months ago from Target to hold the little baby socks that were on a string in our old house. I love the idea of a pump sunscreen for the boys to remember to put on before leaving for sports practices, or school, eventually. I loved this iron and iron board holder, but we had it bolted in the wall in our old house and had to leave it behind, so I’m getting a new one. I’m also picking up a letter board to hold Bible Verses and a little frame for a picture on the corner counter. To keep the area smelling fresh, I’m ordering one of my favorite scents in a diffuser. Finally, our favorite neutral hand soap for washing hands right when we get in the door, and a laundry basket for transferring clean items back to rooms. The laundry room also gets a lot of natural day light, so I’m transferring this plant there:

In hopes that it will start flourishing again…it’s been a little sad without full light. While this is mainly a utility space, I’m excited for the functionality of it in keeping things organized and clean!

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