Laundry refresh and the simplest activity, EVER.

So, I didn’t get a chance to do Friday favorites because we started my second summer project this Friday:

Laundry refresh This is the before picture. I forgot to take a picture before we moved everything out to paint, but just picture lots of random stuff miss matched and piled about. It’s a teaser! I’ll post pictures when it’s completed. We got it painted and I re-painted the shoe boxes, but I am still working on some of the other projects for the room.

In other news…on Friday, J was bored. We had run out of activity ideas and then I started one of J’s favorites, which is roll all of his balls down the hall way. All you need is a long hallway. HA!

IMG_2713J likes to test each one with his foot. I don’t know where he gets that from (except I do, his Dad 🙂 ).

IMG_2715 J’s current favorite is, of course, the Elmo/Cookie Monster giggle ball.

IMG_2716Once I roll them each down one by one, I hand J a little bucket and he runs down and collects them all and brings them back and we start all over. Endless enjoyment! So simple. Happy Monday!

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