Laundry Day

I just had to post these pictures of Super A because they were too cute! Super A helps me with laundry during the week (and by help I mean he plays on the floor while I sort, wash, dry, and fold), but one of his favorite things is the laundry basket. I can set him in the laundry basket and he will just sit there and play with his toys while I fold laundry. Who knew a laundry basket would be so much fun?? So here are some pictures of him playing in his basket. By the way Doggy M is Super A’s stuffed dog that M gave him when he was born. Since A doesn’t have a real dog, Doggy M is the next best thing (And yes I named it Doggy M. And yes, I got the idea from an episode of Full House. If you can name the episode you get a gold star for your 80s-90s television knowledge!)

Aidan Playing with Doggy McDavid in his Laundry Basket
A Playing with Doggy M in his Laundry Basket
Aidan in his laundry basket
A in his laundry basket

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