Late Spring Reads

I’ve read my fair share of books these past two months! Determined to put down my iPad, especially on the weekends, I’ve been completing about a book a week, which is a record for me. Here is a quick review of what I’ve read lately.

The Silent Patient. I read this in two days. It’s an intriguing read, but also very fast moving. Prepare a good block of time to read it, because once you start it, you want to find it how it ends. It is unsettling, but one of the most unique books I’ve read so far this year.

Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe. Driven by a family loss, a young girl at the crossroads of her career returns to the town of her parents. It’s about self-discovery, family ties, and the power of food. A fun read, and I really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

The Bookshop of Yesterdays. This was fine, it was a bit of the same theme as Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe, but more somber in tone. My favorite part of the book was all the classical literature ties the author brought in throughout the story.

Living Forever Chic. A fun read about French culture and their celebration of food and home. These books are some of my favorite before bed reads. Very calming and inspiring for home ideas!

Ramen and Gyoza. The next book (for me) in the Oishinbo series, it’s a celebration of two of our favorite foods. I love how these books provide the history of the food and the cultural perception and etiquette surrounding them.

And lastly, two more Maisie Dobbs books. If you start this series, you really do want to read it in order. The author has done a wonderful job leading the reader through the historical context that is moving from the ending of World War I towards the start of World War II. Each book has a mystery central to the story, but I really find the discussion of the era intriguing.

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