Kitchen essentials on my list

Kitchen Tool 2So after requesting a new dough hook for my birthday (and getting it! Thanks to my in-laws) after the coating started coming off mine, I was thinking about a few other kitchen essentials that I need, and thought I would share…

Kitchen Tool 3A new medium size cookie scoop since the track on mine broke.

Kitchen ToolAn egg slicer. This one actually does three different types of slicing. When I was slicing up eggs for potato salad last week, I thought “there has got to be a less messy way to do this.”

Kitchen Tool 4I keep forgetting that our cheese slicer snapped about a year ago and every time I go to slice cheese, I remember that we don’t have one!

Kitchen Tool 7A corn peeler. Hopefully this would prevent corn from flying across the room.

Kitchen Tool 8 And lastly, a bigger ticket item, but a new pizza peel. We constantly go back and forth trying to figure out the best way to get homemade pizza in the oven. At this point I’m willing to invest in something better than our toss and hope for the best method. Happy Cooking!

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  1. I would splurge for the Pampered Chef corn peeler. I have both and the stuff flys with the Oxo one, plus it has a strange grip/hold to it.

  2. Ah, thanks for the info! I have no idea how to get a Pampered Chef corn peeler…do you just order those?

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