Kindergarten: Mission Accomplished

Kindergarten for AHow is it that A’s first year of elementary school is completed? It seems like only a few minutes ago it was August and he was headed off to his first day of Kindergarten! Now we have a kiddo ready for 1st grade. I looked at B at some point this weekend and said “How is it that we have a six year old and a three year old?” You really do have moments that you think, how did we get to this point so fast?

A had a stellar year and much of it was due to his terrific Kindergarten teacher. I laughed when he wrote in his little memory book from school that the best classroom skill he had learned this year was “not talking when the teacher is talking”. Hilarious! And true! He began the year being able to read just a bit and ended the year reading way beyond his grade level. He is now moving into the realm of reading true chapter books, and we officially cannot spell out anything to each other because he knows what we have spelt. HA! No more asking “Are we doing I-C-E C-R-E-A-M for D-E-S-S-E-R-T?” without A knowing what we’ve said!

He still loves art, music, but I think his favorite extracurricular activity at school had to be P.E. As someone who never cared much for P.E. growing up, it’s funny to hear him talk about playing all the typical P.E. games and how much fun they are. He also seems to take after B quite a bit with his ability to catch on to math skills quickly. There were a few times this year that I was unsure of exactly what his math skill sheets were asking, but he gets it!

He’s a funny, charming, independent kid. Working as a room mom this year I was able to see him many times in his element, and was always a proud Mama when I spotted him doing what he was supposed to and helping others. And it also made me laugh to see him being silly with his friends and that many of the things he talks about at home are the things he and his friends are discussing at school (like Minecraft! HA!).

We are infinitely proud of you, A! We cannot wait to see everything you accomplish as you enter the first grade this fall!

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