Kamado Ramen

Our city has gotten several new restaurants, so B and I have been lunching at several of them on his Friday’s off. First up for the New Year was Kamado Ramen. I don’t think I’ve ever stood in a line waiting to get into a restaurant here, but we did and it was well worth it! The restaurant is situated in a line of eateries at a location called The Stovehouse. Most of the eateries have small or no eating areas inside, but there is a large inside eating area a short walk from the restaurants, and lots of outdoor seating as well. However, we managed to get a seat inside Kamado Ramen, and sat and watched the chefs prepare the food while we ate:

We got the gyoza as an appetizer:

They were excellent! The steam them and then pan fry the bottoms, so they have the perfect amount of crunch combined with softness. It is perfection. Then we moved on to our ramen choices, B got the tonoktsu ramen and I selected the shoyu ramen. They were both excellent and distinctly different. The tonoktsu is creamy with thinner noodles, while the shoyu is a soy based sauce with denser noodles.

It was all delicious and B and I enjoyed spending a lunch meal together!

I also learned a great tip from a friend! The stools you sit on at the counter open up and will hold your purse/umbrella/etc. And make sure to check out the awesome wall art. While the expansive design on the side wall is incredible, this canvas was my favorite:

We love ramen and I’d love this in my kitchen! The boys already want to know when we’re taking them back with us, so they get to enjoy it as well!

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