Kamado Ramen at Home

We had been planning to take the boys to our favorite ramen spot (Kamado Ramen), but then literally everything closed down. After several weeks of being closed, it opened back up for take out only and we were so excited! The boys ate ALL of their adult sized ramen and gyoza, and it was the best Friday night meal. We can’t wait to pick it up again! I wanted to share a little bit about how they pack it because it is super innovative.

Each ramen comes in covered bowl, with the broth on the bottom, separated from the ramen and toppings. Then you reheat the broth and pour in your ramen and toppings. It’s perfect and fresh, just like having it at the restaurant.

We each got an order of gyoza, but we probably should’ve ordered more:

A could eat gyoza every day of the week. And next time we will order the extra noodles for J:

So good! And love supporting our local businesses!

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