Just a Little Dancing…

Super A certainly has many of his Daddy’s qualities (inquisitiveness, strong attention to details, doesn’t like getting sticky food on his hands), and happily he carries some of mine as well (loves craft projects, talks constantly) and he dances. And dances. And dances. See:

And see:

And so let’s dance through all the things Super A is up to at the age of 2!

– He is tall and thin. Where as last year he was above a clothes size, this year he is still wearing 18-24 month pants and 24 month (or 2T) shirts. He is still in size 5 diapers and I figure he’ll be in those until he’s potty trained.

– Oh and potty trained? I laugh that now this is what people always ask me about (it was nursing v. bottle feeding, table foods v. baby foods, bottle v. sippy cups) and so on and so forth. And no. Super A is not potty training yet. Does he show interest? Yes. Is he ready? Considering he can’t be bothered to sit on the potty for more than two seconds no matter what I try, I’m going to go with no. Maybe potty seats should have seat belts. Something tells me that is sending the wrong message. HA!

– Super A talks a lot. All the time. About everything. He can speak in full sentences (although it isn’t always grammatically correct). And he repeats everything I say. Such as “holy cow”. Yeah. I do love when he says “hmmm…let’s see” and taps his finger thoughtfully on his lip.

– When he calls from his crib “I need Mommy/Daddy”…and if we don’t come quickly he then goes to “I need Granna!” I doubt my mom wants to run over at 2 in the morning. He is not sleeping well consistently and I’m hoping that this, again, is another phase that he is going through.

– He still loves Little Einsteins, but has expanded to Special Agent Oso, Dinosaur Train, and Between the Lions.

– His favorite activities are reading, playing with his freight trains, building blocks, playing play doh, craft projects, and being outside. I love that when he draws now he actually is making something (even if it isn’t discernible). His favorite items to draw are the moon, airplanes, rockets, and ladybugs.

– And he still loves the moon. It’s a bad night when the moon is not viewable.

– Super A still will not drink milk. AT ALL. No matter what I try. So I have supplemented with yogurt, cheese, and calcium fortified orange juice. All of these things he does enjoy.

– In addition Super A’s favorites are still fruits (strawberries, grapes, blueberries and oranges are favorites), cheese quesadillas, pizza, peas, and a new one pasta. He will try many of the items that I offer him and he now eats pretty much the same thing we eat for dinner. Unusual items that he likes are fish, sorbet, and lettuce. And beef and bean enchiladas.

– In a year he has changed from a cuddly baby who was teetering around testing his first steps, to a giggly toddler who runs faster than we can keep up with him and talks from sun up to sun down. He even talks in his sleep some!

– Super A is so loving. He loves to give hugs, kisses, and pats on the head. He always says “oh, nice love” or “big squeeze”, or he’ll come up to you with his arms open and say “need love”. Sometimes his pats are little too strong (like to Little J!), but he (almost) always means well and loves to pass his love around to all his favorite people.

– He has gotten over some of his shyness and stranger anxiety. He gives the best smiles and is much better about trying new things. He does test carefully each new item he encounters and always proceeds with caution. This has taught me to be more patient and let him try things at his own pace.

– I am looking forward to all the new adventures that this year will bring!

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