Just a little bit of nonsense…

A has been working on nonsense words at school and this past week he came home with a brand new nonsense list:

Nonsense WordsBesides going through the list together, we have been reading some of our classic Dr. Seuss favorites for nonsense word practice. One of our favorites is this one:

bookAnd a new favorite I found at the library that works on the “oo” sound as well:

FroodleIt’s fun to see A advance in his reading. Being our resident planner, every time he makes a new stride in reading he has big plans of what he will be able to accomplish next. Right now he is working on reading basic chapter books (like Fly Guy), but he can’t wait to be able to read The Hardy Boys (influenced by his cousin for sure), and write an 87 chapter book by himself. Seriously. Hope we are able to keep up!

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