J’s room update

J's room updateWhat started with a little rocket to hold Tsum Tsums became a room transformation for J. Besides his Tsum Tsum holder, here is how I updated J’s room this summer…

J's room updateBack in May I purchased the rocket for J’s room, and then realized he needed some updating in his room, especially a new headboard, so he doesn’t continue to look like he’s just moved into a college dorm room.

Here is the finished look:

J's room updateJ's room updateAs you can see it finally looks finished! I picked up the little dresser and a good amount of the decor from Hobby Lobby and the headboard is Pottery Barn Teen. It’s almost impossible to find just a headboard, so we had to go with the Pottery Barn Teen one.

And here is a close-up of his decor:

J room updateJ room updateJ's room updateThe Melissa & Doug plane has been one of our best purchases for him. It’s still one of his favorites, even though he constantly hides the pieces. The little animal holder was made by my Grampie for me. You’ll notice that a lot of the pieces in his room (and A’s) are ones that have been handed down. I frequently move around pieces and use them where they work. This was perfect for J’s little collection of Schleich animals, frogs, and dinosaurs.

I also updated the bins at the end of his bed (Target) with ones that have easily removable lids. His little rug on the bins is from IKEA and he’s had it since he was a baby.

J's room update

The corner of his room I moved some of his furniture around (and moved his kitchen and tool bench to his closet) to give him more space in his room.

J room updatesI also switched some of the bins from A’s room to J’s room (and vice versa), as J is at an age where it’s better to have storage that he can easily take out and move around (like the open colored bins from Target). Both of the boys LOVE reading, so this bookcase (It’s vintage from my Grandparents) holds just some of his many books. They have so many that I work to buy only favorites and we check out a bunch from the library.

I had to feature the finished Disney mat and frame for J’s room:

J's room updateA friend of mine gave me this idea before we went to Disney and by far it was one of my favorites. A has a matching one in his room. I picked up 5 x 7 frames from Target and they easily fit in a ziploc bag with a sharpie. I slide them into my backpack and everytime we saw a character I would just quickly get them out and have them signed. The boys especially liked the “Gawrsh” from Goofy.

And finally here is the other side of J’s room:

J's room updateMany of these pieces are the same from his room when he was a baby. I moved his two canvases back to the original wall, and then put a large basket in the corner with all of his train track pieces.

Overall, I think he’s pretty excited:

J's room updateHe loves that he has the little animals and Tsum Tsums close by to play with!

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