J’s reading style

A has always loved reading books. I can remember when he was around 1 and a half we would get a big stack of books from the library and just sit in the chair and read for an hour every day. When J was an infant we used to read to him the same way we did with A, and I wondered if he would share the same interest in reading A has as he got older.

As J has really started to develop his very distinctive little personality it is funny to see how he shares and is different from A in so many ways. He has developed the same love of reading as A does, but J prefers books that have real photographs, photographs of animals, and have some sort of touch and feel aspect (pretty typical for his age). J will go grab a book from his room and carry it into the room proudly in his little chubby hands and then promptly throw it at your face if you aren’t watching. This means “let’s read it!” And where A would cuddle up next to us on the floor or in a chair, J always stands. At attention. And he pokes at the book and stomps his feet in delight with pages he likes, and claps his hands.

J ReadingAnd if he likes it well enough, after you finish the book he will grab it and toss it to you again for you to read. Good thing they make sturdy baby books!

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