J’s Nursery: Part III

The inspiration for these ideas was mixing “old” with “new”. It’s not necessarily old, but I wanted to incorporate items I borrowed from family with items we had and a few new purchases. I started out with a theme for J’s room, but ended up being more inspired by colors and patterns and went away from being too themed. One of the best ideas I ever got while looking for design ideas for the nursery was from Dear Genevieve where she discussed how there will be plenty of time for all the themed things the kids will want later and it’s nice to start out a bit more adult, because you are the one who really enjoys it at first. So here are some pictures with that idea in mind:

The rocking nook. Something we did not have with A and I said I would definitely have with the next baby. The chair is borrowed from my sister, the ottoman was a 25 dollar find from Marshalls. The ottoman is actually a cream color, I found this fabric (it’s Pottery Barn cotton) at a local shop and my Mom slip covered the ottoman for me. The blanket I made with this guide from Pinterest, and the pillow I made with matching minky dot on one side and the matching fabric to the blanket on the other.

For some reason the shelf looks crooked in the picture, but I assure you it is not in real life! The shelf is borrowed from my parents. The little pink bunny and music boxes were mine from when I was a baby, the drum is from plan toy (I love the sound it makes!), letter J tree, mushroom, owl, baby book, and little wood frame are from Anthropologie, the bird is from Target, and the letter J plaque is from Hobby Lobby. And of course Sophie the Giraffe.

I made these from washcloths purchased on etsy from Little Things Boutique, with a quilting hoop, and ribbon. I am going to get a fancier hook for the top hook, but haven’t done so yet.

The shelf above the crib. I had to be very careful with my choices and to make sure everything was secure because my husband and I debated for a long time about the shelf being above the crib. I am still moving some things around on it, but this is what I have so far.

That’s all for this week! I will post a completed picture of the whole nursery soon!


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