J’s happy spot

One of the things that I forgot to mention about J in his eighteen month post is his love of pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. He cuddles his stuffed animals, curls up with all the blankets around the house, and loves the aisle of Target with all the pillows.

pillow babyHe loves all different fabrics, he always picks the touch and feel books with the different textures, and when we are outside he tests out the feeling of grass versus concrete on his toes. I watch him as he will pat his little foot from grass to side walk, seeing how it feels different. He tests out pillows by pressing his palms against them and tucking his face on top of them.

Pillow testingBefore bed at night he makes sure he has his blanket, pillow, and his peeps. I have a ritual with him where we go through each item when he gets into crib (Mr. Bear, check!; pillow, check!; Elmo, check!; Roary the lion, check!; blanket, check!; Doggy, check!; Lambie, check!), and then he snuggles in with them all.

IMG_2832When I buy stuffed animals for J and pillows or throws for the house now I test them out. I think about how soft the material inside the pillow is, the colors, the textures of it. All for J! Not surprisingly, A loves the pillows in the house now as much as J. The throws in our house are Jedi robes, hiding spots, forts, and capes. Pillows are mini chairs, building blocks, and sometimes flying disks.

IMG_2831I am now in the process of finding slip covers for some of our original couch pillows because they have gotten quite worn from the boys playing with them. I also am planning to buy them large floor pillows or bean bags for Christmas so they will spend a bit more time playing with those, rather than me re-straightening the pillows on the couch throughout the day. Of course it’s hard to put them back on the couches when I walk into the room and find this:

IMG_2833Just a typical Thursday afternoon, a bit of rain, and the need for a “floor couch pillow” (A’s words), while watching The Yoda Chronicles. A told me “Make sure you don’t put these back on the couch tonight, Mommy. I may need this set-up tomorrow if it rains”. That boy. Seriously.

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