J’s first day of summer

J first day of summerJumping for joy!

J got out of school one day before A did, so he and I accomplished a few tasks around the house, while A finished off a year of perfect attendance! Perfect attendance is no small feat in our household and we are still a bit bewildered as to how it actually happened. At the end of the year it felt a little bit like when your watching your favorite team play on March Madness and they keep winning, but the odds are against them that they will win the whole thing. So this year A won! Woo hoo!

Anyway, back to J. He is a busy busy bee and as long as I have activities for him to do, he’s good to go. If he doesn’t have activities to do, he makes up his own games, which typically involve me saying something like “no you cannot jump off of that.”

We started off the day with his request which was playing Mario on the DS:

J first day of summerThen he helped me load up some laundry:

J first day of summer Then we headed to Wal-Mart to get some new back yard items:

J first day of summerThen we transplanted our snapdragons that were taking over our frond plants (that’s what J calls them…don’t ask me what they actually are):

J first day of summerAnd watered them thoroughly since it’s stopped raining here (though it’s not as bad as our local meteorologist is making it out to be…travel to California and then talk to me about drought conditions):

J first day of summerAnd then we had Popsicles because Popsicles are why the boys jump to help me with any yard work. They know when they get done everybody has Popsicles.

J first day of summerThen J continued with a coloring project on the easel he’s been working on for awhile:

J first day of summerAnd after completing two levels on Yoshi’s Woolly World (which he and I have been slowly working on), we made cookies to celebrate the beginning of summer:

J first day of summer J first day of summerAnd after all that you would think he’d be super tired! He reluctantly napped for about an hour and went to bed at 8 and was still up at 6:00 the next morning. Maybe Disney World will tire him out!

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