J’s favorite app

ducksWhen J takes a break from running around outside like a wild man, or serving cups of pretend water to his Papa, this is where you will find him at my parents’ house; sitting in his Granna’s lap looking at birds. About two years ago B found out that the Audubon App was free on iTunes for a limited time. He told my Mom to download it because she likes birds (something I did not inherit!). In addition to his love of horses, tigers, and dogs, J also loves ducks. My Mom has taught him the parts of the duck (wing, beak, eye, feet, head, etc.), and he can identify them. He also can hear different bird sounds and knows if it’s a duck, goose, woodpecker, or other bird. It’s pretty impressive for a two year old! What’s even more impressive is how quietly he sits with his Granna so he will get to look at the app. Now whenever we see birds of any kind we have a little Audubon connoisseur to identify them!

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