J’s Cookie Monster Birthday Party: The Decorations

Typically I decorate the eating area, the entry area, and the present area for birthday parties. This year was no exception. I used a lot of my theme ideas, and incorporated items from around the house to put together the decor. J loved all of the Cookie Monster items and kept saying, “Oh, Cookie!” as I put them up. I think my favorite was the Cookie Monster puff balls.

First up the entry way:

Cookie Monster Birthday PartyThe boys favors were bubble wands, and M&M cookies. I put the bubble wands in a glass cylinder I already had and wrapped it with ribbon I picked up from Hobby Lobby. I did the same for a decoration vase with play cookies. Then I found a metal container with polka dots in the spring section of Hobby Lobby and filled that with the wrapped cookies (that I’ll talk more about in the food post). Simple, but fun!

Now on to the present opening area:

Cookie Monster Birthday PartyIn the past I have decorated the top and bottom of the mantel, but this year I just did the bottom. I made a number two sign using circles I had cut out with my circle cutter (best purchase ever), and then made a sign for J’s name with circles and cookies and the same ribbon I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I figured it would be a good place to get pictures of J opening his presents. He did not sit here at all! But his presents did.

IMG_4696So that worked for those!

The other area I decorated was the eating area. The hutch was the main decorated area:

Cookie Monster Birthday PartyI also took some close ups of some of the items:

IMG_4784IMG_4785 IMG_4786 IMG_4783 IMG_4782 IMG_4777 IMG_4649I also had a banner across the window:

IMG_4656And the plate rack was cookie covered plates:

IMG_4650And of course the puff ball Cookie Monsters:

IMG_4789 IMG_4643And then I did a really simple snack line-up on the bar:

IMG_4672And that’s it! It was fun, yet not terribly difficult to put together. I have a list of some of the major source items below.

Glass milk bottles: Label removed Starbuck’s Frappuccino bottles

All fabric and ribbon: Hobby Lobby

Cookie Monster Cups and Napkins: Party City

Polka Dot Napkins: Wal-Mart

Striped Straws: Target

Puff Balls: Party City (I glued on googly eyes, and taped in half a cookie made from construction paper)

Real Men Eat Cookies Sign: Etsy

Metal Milk Sign: Hobby Lobby

Play Cookies: Melissa and Doug Cookie Set and Counting Cookies Cookie Set

Bubble Wands: Target

Polka Dot Metal Container: Hobby Lobby

Large Glass Milk Bottle with writing: Anthropologie

Felt Banner: I made it! See the tutorial here.

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