J’s closet refresh

Closet BeforeAfter one day of J’s bat cave falling out of the closet as he was trying to open it and then getting stuck in the door, I realized his closet had gotten out of control. This picture is actually after we removed an additional play tool bench from the closet as well. As sad as we were to admit it J had quite a few toys in his room that he had outgrown. In addition space in J’s room is at a premium as his room is quite a bit smaller than A’s. Thankfully, my sister and her family were headed to IKEA….

Closet AfterI had her pick up these two storage organizers and they were a great choice! The top organizer has six small pull out buckets, perfect for his Lego train tracks, Paw Patrol characters, and small animals. The bottom organizer has three flat and longer buckets, and then three deep buckets. The deep buckets hold his larger cars, and the white buckets hold his Lego, doctor kit supplies, and Imaginext characters.

The bench on top is sturdy enough he could sit on it, and it holds his larger Imaginext buildings. A big bucket beside holds all of his tools. His coats and shirts are hung to the side (as you can slightly see in the picture), and the top wire rack is now completely clear for extra storage in the future. Now he’s officially declared his room a “big boy” room and he said it can definitely fit the Paw Patroller he has on his list for Christmas. HA!

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