J’s Birthday Inspiration Board

Cookie Inspiration Board

With J’s birthday less than a month away, I have been working on his party theme, decor, and menu. My inspiration for the party came from the print above. That print was part of the original inspiration for J’s room, but I ran out of budget to buy the print at the time. When I was trying to decided on a theme for J’s birthday, I was gravitating toward Cookie Monster, because he is one of J’s favorite characters. Then I remembered that print, and the fact that two of J’s very favorite things are milk and cookies. I ordered it first, and then started scanning pinterest for more ideas. My two favorite inspirations are here and here for the milk and cookies theme.

I decided to keep with the Cookie Monster idea, but incorporate just a bit of character and more of the brown and blue themed cookie and milk ideas. When I am creating a theme (especially when the boys are little), I typically think about three areas. Decor we already have that we can incorporate (both of the cookie toys above we already own, and my parents have a vintage Sesame Street house that I am going to borrow). Things that I could make/buy for the party, and would also make great decor their room after (the print, cookie monster, and the felt garland). Lastly, purchases that are inexpensive, but add impact (color coordinated balloons, the milk bottles).

For the desserts I am going to see if American Cookie Company still makes the cookie monster cookies they used to (they were some of my favorites when I was in college), and then I am going to make mini cupcakes with mini m&m cookies on top. And then I am also going to make a crockpot hot chocolate, which A is probably more excited about than J!

Now that I have got all my ideas in order, I’m going to start working on putting everything together over the next few weeks! I’ll share the pictures and details when it is all finished!

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  1. Have the name of a good cookie lady who can make anything you want. Let me know if you want her contact info.

  2. Thanks! If they don’t have them at the American Cookie Company I may need that info! I don’t think I want to attempt cookie monster faces on my own, ha!

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