Jackson Pollock Magnetic Cookie Sheet

So I have seen the cookie sheets transformed into magnetic boards on Pinterest. I decided to give it a try, but also let A in on the fun. I spray painted an old, yucky cookie sheet bright white.

I used this spray paint:

You can find spray paint at any craft store, I believe. I don’t know for sure because whenever I need spray paint or different craft materials I just go to my parents and say “hey do you have??” and 9 times out of 10 my Dad says “yup.” Usually he also says “what for?” with a raised eyebrow. You bleach out your carpet one time and never are trusted again. HA!

In addition, don’t leave spray paint in the sun.

Anyway, I spray painted the cookie sheet white. Then let it sit for a good long time. You will want to spray paint your cookie sheet outside away from stuff you don’t want to be spray painted. Like your car. And set it on newspaper…or some other paper.

After it dried I pulled out a huge old plastic tablecloth and laid it out in the yard. Huge old plastic tablecloth is essential. This will get messy. I put A in old clothes and in an older paint shirt that covered most of him. Then I set up the paint colors I wanted to use, set them in stations with different brushes and basically let him go wild.

Remember this is called Jackson Pollock painting. So we poured, dotted, and threw paint on the cookie sheet. This is not a craft for those who want to avoid getting messy. There will be paint everywhere. You will want paper towels and baby wipes handy. I also used Crayola kids non toxic paint. I used it for two reasons. 1. It’s non toxic. 2. It will splatter better than acrylic without having to use water.

I did not take pictures of any of the parts of the craft because I feared for my camera’s safety. HA!

But here is the finished product:

I hung it on the wall using the great idea from Crate Paper Blog. Four command strips. There were also some lovely magnets that they made to go with their completed project that I would love to make sometime. But for now I had to use what I had.

I call it our “Do You Have Everything You Need?” reminder board. So often we are running out the door now and we forget something that we need. I put the board right at our backdoor to our garage, so I can look at it right before I head out the door and make sure I have everything!

Concise Instructions (Very little rambling included)

For the tutorial on turning a cookie sheet into a magnetic board make sure you check out Crate Paper Blog.

For splatter painting the finished spray painted cookie sheet you will need:

Crayola Kids Washable Paint in assorted colors

5 or more different sized paint brushes (we included a paint sponge, and a paint stamp)

Large Plastic Tablecloth

Old Clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Great idea about the reminder board. I’m always trying to run through the list in my head, which usually means I forget at least one thing, if not more.

  2. I just threw out a cookie sheet because it was rusty. Next time I’ll give it to the thrift store anyway for you crafty folk to find!

  3. The reminder board has been super helpful! It helps me remember to grab my glasses for driving at night!

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