In the rarest of moments…


I was reading this post by Oh Joy the other day and she commented that she gets up at essentially “baby o’clock”. Which in Mommy world means you get up when your baby gets up. This is exactly what I used to do with A. If he slept until 7, I slept until 7, or 7:30 or so on. However, when J started getting older and more mobile I realized that this wasn’t going to work anymore. If J gets up and sees me making A’s lunch for school he immediately sandwiches himself between me and the counter and yells for breakfast. Thus, I began my new morning time of getting up at 6:30 a.m.

To be honest I hate getting up at 6:30, I really would rather sleep in. What gets me up is two things: coffee and the knowledge of tiny person immediately asking for breakfast when I walk out of the room. By the time the boys wake up (normally around 7:10), I have made A’s lunch, cleaned up the drying dishes, and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. I never sit down either. Sitting down is bad. Sitting down leads me to want to go back to sleep. So I keep moving. Like clockwork at 7:10 a tiny voice yells “Mommy I am awake!!” and I know that A is up. At about two minutes later I can hear J rustling in his crib, and will find him standing up, lambie in hand, ready for the day.

They usually then run around my feet as I fix their breakfasts and hand out a sippy cup of milk (for J) and juice (for A). However, on one particular occasion I turned around to find them both, sitting side by side waiting. Not fussing, or whining, or trying to climb in the fridge while I get out the food. Just sitting. And on these rarest of moments I grabbed my camera and took a quick picture. To capture their sitting still. Just in case I need to  remember that they did.

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  1. I am seriously thinking of printing and framing it! I may not get that picture again for about fifteen years! 🙂

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