In a sense this is what we do….

When we get to the persuasive portion of my class I always start off with showing the students this video. The video features cat herders, and at the end the company says “in a sense, this is what we do”. My students are then supposed to decipher what the company is, its purpose, and what goal they are trying to achieve with the commercial.

I have been showing that video for over five years and for the first time the other day (as I was following J down the hall as he was running with a pair of flip-flops he had stolen out of the laundry room), I realized that I was the cat herder.

I argue with a toddler over why he can’t open all the drawers and pull out all the clothes:


I deal with J closing every door to every room and then immediately trying to re-open it and then getting mad when he can’t:


I answer lots of questions from A such as:

“Mommy why is purple called purple?”

“Mommy when can I play the iPad again?” “Can I play it now?” “How about now?” “It’s later now”

“Mommy why do you think Jesus made lions, lions and tigers, tigers?”

I fold clothes standing up, so J can’t run off with my stacks of laundry, so he settles for carrying around the hangers, while playing in the curtains, after choosing a hat to wear:


In a sense, that is what I do. Like the commercial (have you watched it yet? Go watch it!), you may not completely understand what the company (or motherhood for that matter) is all about, but sometimes seeing the humor in the everyday is enough.

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