How was your weekend?


My husband embarked on his guy’s weekend to enjoy a day of baseball, country home cooking, and staying at a Super 8 motel. The boys and I spent a good part of our weekend outdoors; planting our potted seeds, playing with cousins, and getting a lot of chalk all over various clothing. Oh and we tried out their bubbles they got in their Easter baskets from Granna and Papa. Seriously awesome bubbles. Thanks Granna and Papa!

The boys and I made chocolate chip muffins and strawberries for breakfast, peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwiches with grapes for lunch, and macaroni and cheese, clementines, and chicken nuggets for dinner (or as A declared it “best day of food ever!”). Then after getting the boys into pajamas, chasing a giggling toddler with a stolen toothbrush, and dancing to A singing the teenage mutant ninja turtle theme song (something his Daddy normally does), the boys were off to bed.

I decided to do a rare manicure and pedicure and watched repeats of the Big Bang Theory and The Rachel Zoe Project. I also caught up on some on-line article reading, and then regretted going to bed later than usual when J decided to wake up at 6 a.m. the next day.

Back to today…we are still enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather (although A is not loving having to put on sunblock to go outside), and I am looking forward to cooking what the classic risotto I used to make when B and I were first married, but it takes more attention now than I usually have. I am curious to see if the boys will actually eat it! If not I have asparagus sticks and ketchup for back-up.

Oh and the nail polish colors I used were: Essie She’s Picture Perfect (fingers), Essie Peach Daiquiri (toes), and Essie Good to Go (topcoat). Peach Daiquiri is one of my favorites for spring, and I have had She’s Picture Perfect for awhile, but hadn’t tried it yet. It’s a bit bright, but if I took the time to paint my nails I am not taking it off until it falls off, ha!

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