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It’s Tuesday, isn’t it? Somehow this week seems to be hurrying by faster than I am prepped to keep up with it! I’ve got several different summer DIY projects, that I am trying to get done with the help of B, because apparently I shouldn’t balance on a ladder while holding a straight edge with a level on top and try to draw a line, and measure at the same time. You know, technicalities of doing things yourself.

Anyway, the boys are getting to the part of the summer that I am literally trying to wear them out (have you done this?). It’s a fine line that you walk because if they aren’t tired enough they are running around your house like a crazy person, and if they are overtired, watch out! Endless meltdowns.

Today, the boys and I made THREE trips to Wal-Mart for the same items because I forgot my wallet, then my credit card, ARGH. Seriously. I don’t need to go to Wal-Mart that much. A and I had a little popsicle stick craft we were doing and needed paint for, and I decided to upgrade the boys shower curtain rod when rust poured out of it when I took it down to paint their bathroom. Since I had that curtain rod since college, I figured I could make a 15 dollar upgrade. Off to Wal-Mart we went, and then went again, and then turned around and went again. By this point you may have thought I should give up, but now I was determined to get the items and there was a nice greeter at the front holding them for me. I didn’t want them standing there all day.

Soo…after that I decided to do a picnic lunch for the boys outside, got chased down by a bee (but did not get stung, yeah for me!), finished a picnic lunch inside, the boys soaked themselves in the sprinkler and ran the length of the yard for an hour (check out A’s crazy sprinkler transformation on instagram, it was hilarious!), then we went inside, did baths, smoothies, hallway lawn mower races, books, and finally naptime.

J would not settle down (overtired), and I caught him in his room taking his canvas off the wall…at this point I am wondering what he can’t reach. A wanted to stay up and play Legos and I found him sacked out on the floor holding a piece of a Ninja Turtle motorcycle (the right amount of tired). After messing with J for quite a while he finally let me pat his back until he fell asleep (this is SO rare, I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve done that). In consideration of that I stood there for a bit patting his back and took some deep Yoga breaths of calm…ahh silence in my house for a few minutes. We are definitely deep into summer and at the point where I am ready for the routine of school and work to start up again.

And of course, now that I have babbled on for a few paragraphs, I have a couple of pictures to share from our recent activities.

By far I have found puzzles are a great activity for the boys to do together. A gets really excited when he helps J put the pieces on the board:

Cupcakes and Commentary

I purchased a five dollar bucket of bubbles and wands for part of my project for the boys’ bathroom and then let them have at the rest outside, and by far this has been one of my best summer purchases:


I had completely forgotten about this type of bubble blower, until I found it in the tub, and A thought it was so cool (and is now hoarding them, of course.):


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  1. OMG hilarious. “Lost” my wallet in my car a couple weeks ago & went around begging for coffee. Ive never needed to buy things so much as when I couldnt find my money! We all lose our marbles occasionally…especially in our family. 😉

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