How I persuaded J to leave the library….and a summer reading update

libraryJ LOVES the library and story time. J does not love leaving the library and story time. Therefore, I have to find an opportune window to leave in which I do not have to carry him out mid-temper tantrum. On Wednesday it was a Monster’s University DVD. That we already own at home. But he wanted to watch it and carried it around in his hands the whole time. So we checked out that DVD. Because it meant I could leave without a tantrum. And entering and leaving the library tantrum free is a good day. So now on to an update of summer reading…

First off…confession time. I have not read The Fault in Our Stars. It is on the iPad. I bought it and I can’t bring myself to read it. Because it’s sad. And therefore, I feel like I will be sad if I read it. So…I have not read it. In the meantime, I have read all of these:

Inspired31Long Man was good. A little slow in parts. But good. Delancey was great. Lot’s of good, simple recipe ideas. On the Noodle Road was good, but at times it was a bit pretentious. I had a few moments of “calm down, you are writing about noodles here.” And I can’t get away without reading a good Agatha Christie novel. Crooked House was definitely a twist on some of her other novels.

And then I started this book:

OmnivoresDilemma_fullAnd as much as I enjoyed Pollan’s previous book “Cooked” I couldn’t get through this in “library time” reading. However, I buy organic grass fed beef now. So, I did learn something. What I learned was “cows shouldn’t eat corn”. It’s bad for them. Really bad. Therefore, I’m spending three extra dollars a 1lb for a healthier meal.

I am about to move on to Goldfinch, but before that I am reading this:

Five Little PigsWhat intrigued me about Five Little Pigs is it goes back in time. The crime has already been committed and “solved” and you’re left trying to figure out if it was solved correctly the first time.

And for an update on what the boys are reading:

Inspired29As many Elephant & Piggie books as I can check out from the library at a time. A loves these books, J is OBSESSED with them. We read them again and again, and I love that J is starting to say the words along with me. It is a great series in general, but for beginning readers it is even better. There are more complex sentences, but they are combined with simpiler phrases so A and I share reading them to J. Such fun! Happy reading!

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