How do you make those nachos?

nachosSo, I was putting together two lunch plates of nachos the other day and thought there should be a way I can heat these up at the same time…

In each of my public speaking classes, it typically becomes a running joke that you cannot give a speech about nachos. We talk about relevancy of speeches, and how nachos (being the close friend of every college student) are something a college student typically knows how to make. I usually will have one or two dissenters of this knowledge and then I start an in class group project to teach those who declare no nacho knowledge, how to make nachos.

Typically the microwave is the tool of choice for nacho making, but in a flash of “why have I never thought of this before” I got a better idea:

Two oven safe plates:

nachosUnder the broiler for about 5 minutes (or less!)…and you have his and her nachos!

I topped mine with cilantro and sour cream:

nachosWhile B left his with chili and cheese:

Chili cheese nachosThis was a pivotal, what have I been doing for the last ten years moment. So easy! Just you know, be careful of the hot plates! Oven mitts are your friend. And yelling “HOT PLATE!” like the characters from and SNL skit helps as well. 🙂

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