Hitting the Half-Way Point

So…one of the things I usually always forget to do is take pictures of myself pregnant. I use the term “forget” loosely. HA. However, since I reached the half-way point here is a little update on me and Baby Ferb.

As you can see I took this myself in the bathroom, so just ignore the bathroom stuff and figure this is the best you will get of me actually being willing to post some sort of picture.

A few interesting stats:

I hit week 20 last Tuesday, but didn’t get around to posting until this Tuesday so I’m now at week 21…or the downward slide as my husband calls it.

I was sick until the middle of week 17, but thankfully have gotten much better, I have had just a few relapses of not feeling well, but overall have been feeling pretty good!

I remember last time having more energy, but then I wasn’t running a marathon chasing a two year old, working, and having a few other commitments of my time. I tend to over-schedule myself, something I’m trying to work on.

Baby Ferb is super active and has already decided that A’s nap time is a good time to be awake. Excellent!

The baby room is painted and the crib is here, but I probably won’t start decorating to oh, say January.

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