Headed towards our summer normal.

This is A’s last week of school before summer vacation. We are slowly transitioning nap times, etc. for our summer routine. A was very excited because he received a workbook at his preschool that he can use for “homework” over the summer. I have begun setting the boys up for about twenty minutes of “worksheet time” at the table while I make dinner.

Worksheet time

I am so proud of how much A has improved this year on his writing skills! He is printing his name and words, and his coloring is excellent. We are working on reading the worksheets together.

IMG_5622J cracks me up because when A is serious and studious…J will be serious and studious. He was very seriously scribbling with markers in his “workbook”. Although twenty minutes is not a long amount of time it is enough for me to prep dinner and get close to either putting it in the oven, or finishing it up depending on what we are making that day.

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