Halloween Treats and Crafts

May I introduce, our pumpkin family…

And Super A’s current favorite items to hide behind when playing hide and seek…

This Halloween cat was in Super A’s pumpkin last year, however just recently he took an interest in the cat…

and named him “Shoes-Boots-Piece of Tape”.

So now let’s move on to a few simple (VERY SIMPLE) Halloween crafts…

First, pumpkin door hanger. We put together this first pumpkin at our play group last Friday. Then my Mom had left my sister and I a few more of the same foam pumpkins for the boys. You can pick up the set at Hobby Lobby: it’s a box that included pre-cut foam pumpkin’s with stickers for the faces. It is perfect for a toddler…especially a toddler who likes stickers! So after making all of his pumpkins, I hole punched the steam of each and then attached them together with ribbon (make a knot in each hole then loop the string behind the pumpkin), then make a final loop at the end to hang…and voila!

Pumpkin Door Hanger

Second, Tissue Paper Ghosts. I got this idea from my sister. They were hanging at her house and I said “how’d you do that?” and then proceeded to copy it. HA! All you need is about seven pieces of white tissue paper. Have your munchkin take five sheets and clump them into a ball…like so…

And don’t expect them to smile. It’s serious work.

Anyway. Make sure the ball of tissue paper is nice and tight then lay the other two sheets on top and tie with a curly ribbon at the neck. Then, I let Super A color it with markers…and voila!

Tissue Paper Ghosts.

Third, Paper Towel Monsters. An idea I also got from my sister. For this you can use the tube of a toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, or wrapping paper roll. If you use a paper towel roll, cut it in half, if you use a wrapping paper roll cut it into fourths. Then decorate with glitter, glue, pom-poms, feathers, felt, and googly eyes. Whatever you have on hand. Then cut out some fancy feet from card stock, glue on, and voila!

Paper Towel Monster

Fourth (and finally) Paper Plate Pumpkins. For this all you need is orange finger paint, a paper plate, yellow and green card stock, glue stick, and black glitter glue. First, let your little cupcake decorate a paper plate with orange finger paint. Then let dry (several hours, or over night). Then cut a mouth, and three triangles out of yellow card stock, and then a rectangle stem out of green card stock. Then, I let Super A glue the triangle eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkin on the plate. Then we outlined the eyes, nose, and mouth with glitter glue, and I placed the stem at the top with glue. And voila!

Paper Plate Pumpkin.

Oh and for those of you who don’t believe Super A ever throws a fit….

Yikes! Or in Super A’s words “It’s spoooooky”.

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