Halloween Festivities

Based on the fact that Super A is barely 2, I was pleased with how Halloween went this year. We  figured Super A would not really be into trick or treating so we just walked him around to a few of our neighbors’ houses and then came back and passed out candy. He really REALLY loved passing out candy. Every time the door rang he would shout “KIDS!” and run to the door and then stand there as I passed out the candy.

I think his favorite part though was decorating the pumpkin and wearing his outfit. And of course getting some candy. Once he figured out that he got candy when he said “trick or treat” he was pretty excited about it.

On Saturday we worked on carving and scooping out our pumpkin,

And after a few minutes (HA!)…tada!

Super A designed the pumpkin and I carved it.

Then skip forward to Sunday and our little jedi emerged…

I love this picture!

He tried to use the force on the pumpkin. It didn’t work out so well.

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