Half-Way to Two

Although the eighteen month mark was a few days ago, I have not yet gotten this post together. I could list all of the important landmark stats, but as I was writing this I found myself think more of all of the things that are so markedly Super A right now.

So here they are….

All he wants to eat is rolls and yogurt and all he wants to drink is apple juice. He asks for them nicely like this “please Mommy…please”. He cannot always have these things. When we tell him no he says “but I ah nice boy”. Except he says nice boy like Mario from Super Mario Brothers…imagine it having about four more syllables than it needs.

All he wants to watch is Little Einsteins or “cartoons”. How he knows cartoons means something different than regular television is beyond me.

Strangers (AKA the check-out person at the store or random shoppers) always say these two things to him “are you sleepy?” OR “boy he is tall!” I always want to respond “yes he is tall, and no he is not sleepy he just isn’t interested in smiling at you.” HA!

If you ask him if he wants to go outside he runs and grabs his shoes and goes to the back door. He has a routine outside. First, he checks the plants. Second, he checks the hose. Third, he decides he needs his scoop to dig some dirt. Oh and we can’t even think about bringing him inside without making some sort of bribe (juice, Little Einsteins, playing with playdoh!) or he’ll scream for fifteen minutes once we are indoors.

He’s on a constant search for a fire truck, race car, a doggy barking, or a bird chirping.

He’s happiest reading books, playing with blocks, or playing in his kitchen. Oh and playing hide and seek…just don’t ask him to hide. He won’t have it.

If we are going on a car ride for more than ten minutes, he falls asleep…which is sooo me. I can see trips with him as a teenager, IPOD on, earphones on, asleep in the car, his last comment being let me know when we get there.

He is the very helpful, not a day goes by that I don’t hear “here you go Mommy” as he hands me something I am putting away. He loves to put away socks, dust, vacuum, and swiffer. Ahh the swiffer. My floors have never been cleaner!

And that right now…is sooo Super A.

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