Guess what J can climb up on?

CupcakesandcommentaryThe correct response is: Everything.

We spent our weekend rearranging our living room after J proved to us Friday night that he can indeed climbing up on every surface in the living room, except the TV console and one side table (yet. Fingers crossed it stays that way). We had to remove our two side bins, another side table (that he can get up on), and the rolling ottoman we have for the chair pictured above. He can get up and down off the chairs and couches fine, but the smaller bins he kept trying to stand on, and telling J “no” right now is just asking to hear ear piercing screaming. Seriously. Ear piercing. There is a ringing in your ears afterwards. He hears (and responds) to no often enough that if we can eliminate some of having to say “no” constantly we do. I went and shopped my parents’ house and replaced the side table J could crawl on with one they weren’t using that he can not get up on. After we rearranged everything he discovered that he can crawl behind the couch (and get stuck), and that he can almost reach the cords behind the TV. So we rearranged again. Right now everything seems to be in an okay spot…until next week. 🙂

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