Go Boys Go.

So in the spirit of a thankful season, I am thankful for a brother in law who loves Lord of the Rings as much as my husband does. They spent all Saturday (literally, folks) at a Lord of the Rings marathon. All three original movies, extended editions. Which of course meant for my sister and I it was the ever loved and anticipated “Cousins’ Day”. Our four boys spent all day together. I am always reminded of one of my favorite children’s books “Go Dogs Go” whenever they get together. Because they play hard, and they rest hard. And they are always on the go. We made crafts, we played Wii, we watched Duck Tales and The Padawan Menace (Lego Version). We attempted to make cookies and had a major cookie fail (more on that in another post), and ended the day with having chili with my parents. Which in the words of my nephew “Granna and Papa are coming? Now it’s a party!”

Play boys play:

Manning the pirate ship

Making play doh pizza

Double wielding. Watch out.

The algorithm of the Wii is the closer you move toward the screen the better you play.

Rest boys rest.

Seriously this is what happens when you turn on Lego Star Wars. It’s magic.

Sometimes you just need to take a rest with your Aunt.

After dinner downtime.

It looks like J is about to leap over the edge…never fear my Mom has a hold of his pants. HA!

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