Glitter turkey of thanks

So…I had this ridiculous idea last week. A wanted to make a glitter turkey (although later he informed me that turkeys are typically brown….who knew?), so we embarked on a craft together to make a glitter turkey. It is very simple, and with the right pattern creation your turkey may look more turkey-like than ours. I tend to think our turkey is more historical in nature, like when the dinosaurs become turkeys….HA!

A list of the basic supplies: cardboard cake plate, leaf cut-outs, feathers, glue, glitter, googly eye, duct tape, markers.

And a willing assistant:

IMG_3828And glitter!

You will need a cardboard cake round (I got these on special at Walmart, so many uses!)

IMG_3829I free formed a turkey pattern on the cardboard, but you could print one off the internet I’m sure.

Once you have drawn your turkey, then you should outline it with glue (I did this part):

IMG_3830Then have your helper put glue in the center of the outside design:


Then have them smooth it out with a sponge paint brush (also something I buy in bulk, they are A’s favorite paint brushes):


Then cover it with glitter, and let it dry for about ten to fifteen minutes:


Then shake off the glitter outside (A’s favorite part):


And you are part of the way done! And this could be the moment where it starts to look a bit dinosaur like…

So I poked some holes in the cake board, and then A stuck in some feathers:

IMG_3838And we added an eye (“so he can see” A stated). The feathers did not lay flat at first, so I duct taped them down in the back.

Then I had found some Hallmark leaf cut-outs in Publix of all places, and so we wrote one each one things that A was grateful for, and then glued them around the outer edge. I poked a hole behind the leaves and used some yarn to make a rope, and voila!

Glitter Turkey of ThanksGlitter turkey of thanks. It’s pretty hilarious, yes?

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